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Effie J. Pereira


I'm a PhD student in the Experimental Psychology program here at McGill University, and I received my BAH and MSc in Psychology from Queen's University working with Dr. Monica Castelhano. My research interests lie in attention in the real-world – in particular, I am interested in investigating how mechanisms of visual attention are affected by high-level complex information. My work at Queen's focused on attentional guidance from real-world environments, and my current work focuses on attention to social information (through mechanisms of selection, orienting, and recognition) and attention to self-generated thought (through mind wandering behaviours and the default mode network). Outside of the lab, I'm a statistics nerd, a baseball fan, and an ardent baker.

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Graduate Students

Ruidi Zhu


I am in my final year at McGill studying Psychology and Neuroscience. I completed my undergraduate research project last year in the Attention & Social Cognition lab, studying automaticity of attention. This year I am volunteering in the lab and helping with various projects. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, photography and drawing.

Krysten Stadel


I am in my final year at McGill studying Cognitive Science. I completed my honours project last year in the Attention & Social Cognition lab working with Francesca studying gaze cuing in multi-agent contexts. This year I am a research assistant and I am excited to help with the various projects within the lab. I love candles, listening to music and puppy videos!

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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Francesca Capozzi, PhD


I am in my second post-doc year at A&SC lab, working under the supervision of Jelena Ristic. I concluded my PhD at the University of Torino (Italy), PhD program in Neuroscience, where I improved my theoretical and methodological expertise on gaze behavior, social attention and socio-cognitive psychology, working under the supervision of Cristina Becchio and Andrew Bayliss. My PhD project mainly focused on the study of gaze behaviour in multi-agent contexts (i.e., situations in which more than two agents are present, including groups), with a specific interest on the impact of social status (e.g., leadership) in modulating the social attention and the elaboration of social information about the environment. Today, I am interested in studying social attention across real world scenarios and laboratory, bringing with me a focus on multi-agent contexts and social status.

Dr. Nida Latif, PhD


I am currently in my first postdoctoral position here in the Attention & Social Cognition lab. I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Kevin Munhall at Queen’s University. My broad research interests focus on the cognitive and perceptual processes involved in human social behaviour. My doctoral dissertation focused on the mechanisms that allow for us to engage in efficient conversations. I examined how we use auditory and visual information to make predictions about our social partners. Further, I investigated how conversational partners align their behaviour with one another, potentially to facilitate these predictions.  I am currently interested in utilizing dynamic social contexts to assess how our attentional processes may be modulated by our social partners and the impact attention has on ensuring successful interactions.

I'm in my last year at McGill in the cognitive science honours program with a minor in drama and theatre studies. I am working on my honours project on gaze cuing in multi-agent social contexts in the Attention & Social Cognition lab. Outside of the lab, I'm involved in multiple theatre and video production projects. I constantly try to think about my artistic projects with a scientific mindset and approach my research project with artistic creativity. My favourite word in the English dictionary is "paradox"! 

Dorsai Ranjbari


I am a U3 psychology major and I am currently working in the Attention and Social Cognition lab as a research volunteer. I did my first honours thesis on arterial stiffness last year, and I hope I can gain more research experience in the lab this year.

Manlu Liu


I am in my final year at McGill, completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, with a double minor in Education and Behavioural Science. This year, I will be studying the mechanisms of social attention for my undergraduate research project. In my spare time, I love to bake, play music, and spend time with my friends.

Julia Fuoco


I have recently graduated from McGill's Honours Cognitive Science program. This is my first year as a volunteer in the Attention & Social Cognition lab; I will be helping out with various projects throughout the year. I love reading, the outdoors, and animals.

Shannon Harrington


I am in my second year in Cognitive Science and will be volunteering in the Attention and Social Cognition lab this year. I am excited to learn about attention in a real-life research setting and I am excited to get practical experience with tools such as eye-tracking and EEG.

Erica Bossard


Grace Shin


I am in my third year of Psychology and my first year in the Attention and Social Cognition lab. I am very excited to be helping Nida on her work on cognitive processing in social interactions while working on my own research project this semester. Outside of school, I love to watch movies, read philosophy, and experiment with cooking!

Lab Coordinator

I am in my third year at McGill’s B.Sc.L. program in Psychology with a minor in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. This is my first year at the Attention and Social Cognition, where I work as the lab coordinator and as a research assistant. Outside of school, I am an avid chorister and foodie!

Cynthia Larche